The Project

Effetto Biennale is an international event with artists from around the world who wish to convene in prominent exhibition spaces selected to promote contemporary art through intercultural dialogue. Since the Biennale manifestation, that functions as a hothouse of ideas, expression, and creativity; a place of encounters between international artists and lovers of art and culture, generating new paths and a platform – for participation and the exchange between those who believe that creation and creativity is the vehicle to a more open and democratic civilization.

The Florence Biennale, official participant since 2001 in the United Nations' "Dialogue Among Civilizations" program, has strongly supported this initiative that held its first edition in 2010 in the city of Assisi. The second edition to be held in the city of Merida, recognized as the "City of Peace". In point of fact, every edition of Effetto Biennale takes place in distinguished venues that have strong connections to peace and dialogue among peoples. It is no coincidence Assisi was chosen as the originating location for this new experience.

Effetto Biennale is a clear and determined voice in a world of advancing indifference. Art must move forward and the future lies in the ability to face change. Effetto Biennale is a positive and concrete venture sought-after by a courageous team, that extends the possibility "to create", see and experience art, meet artists, develop creative goals and potential market, dialogue and bring out the true qualities of people.