III Effetto Biennale - Assisi 2012

Opening Ceremony on Saturday 22 September 5:00 PM - Palazzo Vallemani, Sala del Consiglio

The second edition of Effetto Biennale was held in the Museo de la Ciudad in the Mexican city of Mérida, during the Spring Equinox celebrations in March 2012. The exhibition was composed of 57 artists from 30 countries and had great success and visiting public. Effetto Biennale, organized by the Florence Biennale team, continues with the third edition in the place of origin, the Umbrian city of Assisi from September 22-30, 2012, in the the Pinacoteca Comunale within the historic Palazzo Vallemani.

Effetto Biennale is an international event with artists from around the world who wish to convene in prominent exhibition spaces selected to promote contemporary art through intercultural dialogue. From the Biennale manifestation, that functions as a hothouse of ideas, expression, and creativity; a place of encounters between international artists and lovers of art and culture, generating new paths and a platform – for participation and the exchange between those who believe that creation and creativity is the vehicle to a more open and democratic civilization.

For further information please contact: info@florencebiennale.org